Welcome to the Red Rocket Ecosystem.

Countdown to Full Launch!
June 30th, 00:00 UTC

About RedRocket.Finance
RedRocket.Finance features Reflection, Automatic LP Acquisition, Storage, and Burns.
Earn more RRT and earn BNB rewards, simply by holding RRT tokens.

Tokenomics & Protocol of the Red Rocket Token

A finite supply of RRT tokens are minted upon smart contract launch. No more tokens will ever be created. These tokens are allocated within the RedRocket.Finance platform.

  • Max Token Supply: 1,000,000
  • 26.4% Locked LP: 26.4% of the token supply will allocated with 100% of presale BNB as initial liquidity to PancakeSwap and locked in Unicrypt.
  • 22.5% Presale: 22.5% of the token supply will evenly be allocated to presale investors.
  • 4% Private Presale: 4% of the token supply will evenly be allocated to private presale investors. (Max: 3 BNB and 1200 RRT allocation per person)
  • 30% Farming Rewards: 30% of the supply is allocated to the farming pool to be used as rewards. Rewarded over 180 days to farmers.
  • 6.1% Airdrop: 6.1% of the supply will be used as airdrop rewards in Quarter 3, 2021.
  • 1% Launchpad: 1% of the supply will be given to the Tinville team as thanks for using their Launchpad!
  • 10% Development, BUSD Liquidity, Marketing, Phase Prep: 5% each will be given to the two devs who have created the platform. These be used for marketing, initial BUSD-RRT liquidity pairing, promotions, giveaways, and Phases 2 and 3 of the Red Rocket Ecosystem launches.

Token holders can earn through various methods within RedRocket.Finance

  • 6% Reflection Reward: For every buy, sell, or transfer, 6% is distributed amongst token holders.
  • 8% Automated LP: 8% of every transaction is added to PancakeSwap Liquidity
  • 4% Storage Vault: 4% of every transactions is added to the Storage Vault for holders to collect BNB Dividends from.
  • 2% Burned: 2% of every transaction will be burned.

Unique Features

  • Anti-Pump/Dump Mechanism: Any sell, buy, transfer, or transaction will have a max amount of .5% of the starting total supply (5000).
  • Anti-Bot: Ever been front-run by botting contract? Not with RRT. Contract bots will be aggressively banned from transactions.
  • Anti-Liquidation: If a wallet sells 100% of their RRT (has a zero balance), they are no longer able to claim BNB rewards. They'll have to use a new wallet.
  • Automated BNB Dividends: 4% of all transactions are converted to BNB and added to user BNB dividends based on their held RRT.
  • Automated Liquidity: 8% of every transaction will be used to buy BNB (4% of tokens) and add liquidity (remaining 4%).
Circulating Token Supply
Token Holders
Tokens Burned

How it Works
Climbing aboard the Red Rocket is Easy.

Metamask Wallet
Download the METAMASK wallet on mobile or desktop browser extention. Configure the BSC Network (Instructions Here ). Load up some $BNB and your ready to go.
Getting RRT Tokens
Buy RRT tokens on PancakeSwap and hold in your Metamask Wallet to start earning Reflection Rewards. The more you hold the more RRT you can earn.
Token Holder Rewards
Each transaction performed on PancakeSwap incures a 20% fee. 8% is added to Liquidity, 6% Reflected back to RRT holders, 4% added to the Storage Vault, and 2% will be burned.
DApp Integration
RRT Tokens will be integrated into future developed DApps increasing utilization and decreasing supply with additional DApp burns.